Partners, Not Vendors

More about what it's like to work with MH Digital.

Why should you talk to us about your email marketing needs?

❌ We're not Gurus, Hackers, Ninjas, Magicians.
✔️ We're partners in collaborating on your growth - there's no magic solution to 3X your revenue overnight.

❌ There is no patented "MH Digital Secret Email Method".
✔️ Our approach is shaped first by your business, your brand, and your value propositions to your customers - with our experience to guide it.

❌ We aren't Email Platform Agency Partners.
✔️ We get you into the best email platforms to benefit your business, not to get kickbacks.

❌ We don't aggressively blast emails to make us look good in the short term.
✔️ We set up and execute strategies for long term conversion and retention sustainability.


What type of clients do you work with?
We support clients across e-commerce, SaaS, and services industries - with a B2C focus.

I only need you to do part of the email marketing process, do you do that?
It's not all or nothing with us at MH Digital. Some of our partners have email designers on staff that we integrate with to build, configure, and launch emails, while others need help from end to end.

Can you help generate leads?
Email can support lead generation efforts, but by and large, our skills are best suited for nurturing, conversion, activation, and retention. More on email as a lead generation channel can be found here.

Who's on your team?
Our entire team is US based.

Who will I be working with?
When you work with MH Digital, you work with us.
While we share primary responsibilities across clients, you'll often hear from everyone. There's no passing you off to junior account managers and putting communication walls up.

What kind of ROI do you generate?
Every case is different, but many of our clients are generation anywhere from 20-30+% of their revenue from email. If the other agencies you're talking to are guaranteeing you results, ask them to do a revenue share and see how they respond 😉.

What's your cost structure?
You won't find service package plans on our website, as we do not shoehorn your business into our processes. With that being said, most, but not all, clients begin working with us on a 2-3 month long retainer based pilot. This allows us to execute the deliverables you need early on, while staying flexible enough to pivot should we need to change something up.

How do you communicate?
Outside of regularly scheduled calls, we require our clients to either integrate us into their Slack workspace (or equivalent program), or join ours. Being able to collaborate in a chat style interface is key to a strong partnership - and keeps turn around times manageable for all.

How do I know if we'd be a good fit?
If you like what you've seen so far, fill the form out below 👇 - we'll set up a discovery call with you to determine if we might be the right partner for you.

Ready to Grow Together?